Poetry From the Island

  • Mountain Silhouette near water front and clouds
  • Mountain Silhouette near water front and clouds - close up
  • Clouds rolling over still water
  • Old jetty in the water
  • Water ripples
  • Misty terrain in the distance, calm waters nearby

‘A suite and sweep of Macquarie Harbour, Frenchmans Cap, West Coast Range, morning reflections’

Negative Ions and Positive Outcomes

on the ground by waterfalls & waves,

the wind from the Southern Ocean –

enough force in a gale

to pull skin and flesh

around bones −

enough to inhale invisible charges

after storms with lightning

a tasty post-intimate polarization

Sloop Rock rollers

on the West Coast

are strong.

gazing to that mass

I felt visceral lust,

questioning Romance

and the Science

powerful movement,

a threatened forest of kelp

slapping below the surface,

saline spritzers rising from below

walking back

from ocean

to the harbour,

dry grass rattled

in the heat

beneath my stride

a tiger snake at 45 %

quietly cooled

my spine

I walked on,

turbulent to calm

© Kim Nielsen-Creeley