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    Embracing the Biome – the More Than Human Poetry Project

    This post is about catching up, as poetry has embraced me over the last decade, and I’ve been able to reach out and become more involved with the people that write on this Island. We do it a lot. The following project happened as Australia was staying safer and staving off the virus in 2021. There was more to come of course, and much had already impacted the world. Conceived by poet Kristen Lang after the publication of Earth Dwellers published by Giramondo, Embracing the Biome – the More Than Human Poetry Project personally produced a set of new work, and a reworking of older poems. All life forms are living in the time of the…

  • Britta & Thérèse booksigning at Bridge of Words
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    Bridge of Words: prose & poetry exchange

    Featuring Britta Stenberg, Swedish poet, novelist, playwright and artist. Britta Stenberg recently collaborated over four seasons, across the hemispheres, with Ulverstone poet and writer Thérèse Corfiatis. Their poetry book Bridge of Words was published in 2022. This week they met in person for the first time, as Britta and her husband Krister have arrived in Tasmania. It was my pleasure to meet them with Thérèse, and share some of their stories. Britta and Krister are from Rentjärn, a village, with a lake and mountains, in Swedish Lapland. The temperature there this week has ranged from -3 to 11 degrees, as early Spring approaches.  This visit made me think about the…